Brjóstagjafaráðstefna í Finnlandi

Brjóstagjafaráðstefna í Finnlandi

The Mammal in us All- Common Sense in Birth and Breastfeeding
18.-19. nóvember 2014 in Orginal Sokos Hotel Vantaa, Finland


The Federation of Finnish Midwives is happy to invite You and your Colleagues to Finland to learn about new and fresh way to talk about breastfeeding, to teach breastfeeding and to protect breastfeeding.

MS, IBCLC, Author
Diane Wiessinger

Why there are so many babies who won't suckle? Where is the mammal in us? What is D-MER? How the commonly used interventions in birth affect breastfeeding? How should we talk about breastfeeding?

Come to meet the Author of the books Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Sweet Sleep.


Congress venue Orginal Sokos Hotel Vantaa, is right by the Tikkurila railway station.

(7 km From Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Local bus 61 travels around the clock,

10 min from Helsinki by train,

An easy tram and train connection from all Helsinki Harbours)